September 26, 2019

Most Moms focus on reducing belly fat as their weight loss goals.

It is possible but it will require patience, time and doing what is realistic for you.

Have you been doing a ton of crunches & ab exercises, but feel like your belly fat is not going away?

WHAT you eat & HOW you eat it will determine what your midsection looks like.

No number of crunches, ab exerci...

July 8, 2017

It’s the next big social media dilemma – to use or not to use coconut oil! Rather, to consume or not to consume would be more accurate. Unfortunately, we are in no place to tell you to eat or not to eat it BUT we still recommend using it topically. Check out some of our favorite ways to use it and consume it (reader’s discretion is advised).

  1. Hair moisturizer...

June 17, 2017

Veggies - It's Versatility and Seasonality

Where are all of my parents? This one is for you! Sitting down for dinner and having your kids willingly eat their veggies is on the horizon.  We all know that eating veggies is good for you, that's a no-brainer. But do we even understand how easy it is to get kids to eat it once we embrace the fact that veggies are ver...

June 12, 2017

Pull over that meal is too FAT!

Is fat necessarily a bad thing? Why does fat get such a bad rep? If it wasn’t for fat our bodies wouldn’t be able to develop properly and our cells wouldn’t function as well as they could. Fats also help transport fat soluble vitamins throughout the bloodstream (Vitamin A, D, E and K).

So what’s all the fat fuss about? Well there a...

June 2, 2017

Now we all know the story – Popeye begins as a scrawny sailor and every time Olive Oyl needs saving, he pops open a can of spinach and…. GUNS FOR DAYS!!!!

Well truth be told, spinach is 49% protein! So maybe he is on to something. Society has always been curious about how vegetarians and vegans get enough protein.

I challenge you to search the hashtag #veganbod...

May 26, 2017

Picture this - you are about to embark on the most strenuous HIIT workout or strength training session of your fitness career and haven't eaten yet! Not good at all!! You won't perform at optimum capacity on an empty tank! So, what does one eat to prep them for some cardio/ strength craziness? We want to eat something that our body will immediately break down i...

May 19, 2017

I am a huge fan of the egg omelet but hate having to watch it carefully on the stove every morning.

Well the stars aligned on a Saturday morning as I watched one of my faves cheffin' it up in the kitchen - Bobby Flay. He was making dishes perfect for a family brunch and the frittata was one of them. I watched in awe as he whisked all of my favorite omelet filli...

April 15, 2017

Grass? Cows are on to something!

So, we know a cow’s food of choice is grass and they may be on to something. Now I am not encouraging anyone to go outside and chow down on some grass from your garden BUT I do recommend you get your hands on some wheatgrass.

Consuming only 2 ounces will provide you with 5 pounds’ worth of raw vegetables. If that’s not enough of a...

April 2, 2017

Raise your hand if staying awake or even waking up in the morning is a struggle? Well I have both hands and my feet raised.

Ever since the clocks went forward my body has been feeling the aftermath of a lost hour of sleep. What can one do that doesn’t involve guzzling back zzzquil or any form of drowse-inducing medication?

We can target our diet and supplements!...

March 26, 2017

Well not literally but in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day and the ongoing festivities happening this weekend!

Green is going to be our color of choice!

Now in the spirit of all things magical, I am going to switch it up a bit. Instead of focusing on green foods lets focus on green SUPER foods/supplements. These magical entities can do your body a world of good a...

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