October 16, 2017

Are you looking for a fun, alternative activity to add to your exercise routine? Jumping rope is incredibly beneficial, both physically and mentally, and is a great way to get fit alone or with friends. Here's why you should consider jumping rope for exercise.

Burn Calories

Most of us want to find an exercise that’s fun, but more importantly, burns a lot of calor...

September 25, 2017

For many years, people mainly associated jump rope with school children having fun at recess or athletes. However, the benefits that come with jump rope has changed the mind of many people and now your social media is flooded with people doing double-unders, skipping tricks or just some good old cardio.

Give it a try today.

Here is a basic jump rope routine that...

August 4, 2017

 I love jump roping, not only because it's so fun but because it's versatile. You can do almost anything with it and do it for any reason.

You can jump for fitness, you can jump for fun, you can jump to loose weight, you can jump to maintain conditioning.... ok, I hope you got the point.

I am all about having fun so In the video below, I demonstrate working wit...

June 14, 2017

It's been a while since we posted a workout, so this week we are going back to basics and focusing on a good old HIIT circuit. As you all know from previous posts, HIIT circuits are the perfect blend of strength and cardio movements to increase fat burn and caloric burn long after the workout is complete. The key is to take minimal rest between workouts and bet...

May 17, 2017

Circuit training is probably one of my favorite ways to work out as it keeps my mind focused on the time allocated to each workout and the order of the workouts. All while fighting away the boredom I feel when faced with a mundane workout routine. Circuit training is a form of interval training and the best way is to alternate cardio workouts with strength trai...

April 27, 2017

Let's Make It Fun. Reach out for training and more today.

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April 15, 2017

I look at Double Unders like Double Dutch for grown-ups! By no means an easy feat!

Accidents can happen and it is possible that you will hit yourself with the rope but it shouldn’t be a common occurrence. Doing double unders incorrectly means you cannot maintain your rhythm timing or coordination.

So, what is a double under? It is when you jump once and the rope...

March 25, 2017

In an ideal world we would have warnings of possible mistakes attached to everything we try. Well in honesty avoiding these mistakes will work in your favor. You will avoid injury and develop a love for jump rope!


1. Jumping with a jump rope that is too long or too short: The rope needs to come to your shoulders, armpits or chest level. When jumping with a...

March 2, 2017

Are you tuning in to our posts for the first time? Are you brand new to jumping rope being used for fitness and not for fun?

Well here is a quick overview of some jump rope facts and some great information for those of us who want to get to the basics!

10 minutes of jump rope is equivalent to a 30-minute jog on the treadmill at 6.5 mph. You do not have to jump...

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