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The Benefits Of Jumping With Weighted Jump Ropes

1/2 lbs jump rope

Jump rope design has come a long way since jump ropes were reportedly first used in Egypt around 1600 AD. Today, athletes can choose from a wide variety of jump rope options to suit their favorite type of training.

One of our favorite innovations is the heavy rope. This design offers a great way to build upper body muscle and burn extra calories. We recommend using a rope that is consistently weighted for the entire length. A simple rope attached to weighted handles unfortunately won't deliver the same benefits, and can actually make it more difficult to get into a rhythm.

These are the benefits of jumping with a weighted rope, also known as a heavy rope:

1. Learn Faster - Contrary to popular belief, weighted jump ropes are great for beginners. The additional weight is easier to feel as the rope spins around your body, allowing you to time your jumps more easily. Weighted ropes also spin slower than regular ropes. This is helpful for maintaining a good arc in your rope and learning proper form - two must-learn techniques for beginners.

2. Upper Body Power - While strength describes your ability to exert a force, power is a term that describes how fast you can can exert force. The movement of rotating a heavy rope around your body builds power in your entire back, shoulders, and forearms.

3. Shoulder development - Shoulders and rotator cuffs are frequently some of the weakest parts of the body, even on people who are quite fit. Jumping rope forces shoulders muscles to contract and stabilize in order to control movement in the extremities (lower arms). A little extra weight goes a long way to forcing those shoulders to develop quickly.

Crossrope Jump Rope

4. Build Lean Muscle And Burn Fat - Heavy ropes are more effective at building lean muscle and reducing body fat than regular ropes, on account of the fact that it takes more energy to use them. If you’re going to work out, why not get more bang for your buck? You'll get fit and make progress faster - we guarantee it.

5. Greater Muscle Engagement - Jumping with a regular rope will work the shoulders, lower back, glutes, and hamstrings. A heavy rope will work all of the above plus the triceps, forearms, and the rest of the back muscles.

6. Versatility - Imagine being able to bump the intensity of the workout up or down by simply using a different rope. Some of the best heavy rope sets include ropes of different weights and one set of handles. Simply disconnect the handles from one rope and reconnect to another rope. It only takes a few seconds! This method of training will provide variety and allow you to adjust the intensity of your workout as you see fit.

Our favorite heavy ropes are made by Crossrope, a leader in jump rope gear development. The Plus Set includes a 1/4 Lb Agility Rope, 1/2 Lb Energy Rope, 1 Lb Intensity Rope, and 2 Lb Fury Rope. No matter your skill level, we hope you’ll consider adding weighted ropes to your fitness routine. What do you have to lose?

So there you have it! Hopefully, these reasons have inspired you to give jumping rope a shot. We have jump ropes available here on our Website, as well as mats, starter sets, and tutorials. Be sure to connect with us on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram for news, events, exclusive workouts, and contests.

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Thank you!

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