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How Do Working Moms Meet Their Fitness Goals?

Are you confused with how to get in shape? Feel like there is so much conflicting information out there?

Here’s the reality….

Getting in shape is not all that hard when you lay out all the pieces:

- training regimen - nutrition protocol - cardio

- stress management

- sleep

- life BUT that's not really the hard part, is it? It's putting in the time and consistency for all of those. Making your goals a priority and saying no to things that don't serve you. THAT’S THE HARD PART!

As a busy working mom that has to do all of the work, I totally understand how hard it is to manage all of the components necessary to meet your goals. Therefore, I always say that doing something is better than doing nothing!

This is why I’d love to be your accountability partner. Being accountable to yourself is difficult. But knowing you are working with someone who is backing you, who is counting on you and who is rooting for your goals makes the process that much more effective. What is your biggest struggle as a busy, working mom?

For example, for me they can be: I am 40, I have 3 small children, 1 of my children have autism, I work Monday-Friday 9-5. I’m tired sometimes.

People on the outside love to mom shame. But let’s really be honest.

I’d love to hold you accountable to your goals so that when life shows up, when excuses come up…. You’ll be okay.

Remember, your goals are your goals. You must do what works for you, your family and your demanding schedule. Do you need the help, direction, motivation and accountability to stay on track? To be confident in what you are doing?

Let me know in the comments


Till Next Time

Bernadette Henry


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