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Make It Fun NYC is a lifestyle brand focused on getting fit physically and mentally. Created by Bernadette Robinson, Make It Fun NYC provides courses, fitness accessories, and motivation for those looking to live their best life – body, mind and spirit.


At 10 years old, Bernadette could be found jumping rope during recess with friends. Twenty-seven years later, she is a mother of three and using jump rope as a tool to inspire her community and to make the world a healthier place. She is a coach for individuals searching for a way to keep fitness foremost and have fun while changing their lifestyle.


Bernadette has judged the Golden Gloves competition and trained for the Golden Gloves boxing match. She also studied under former professional boxers like Michael Olajide, Jr. and the beloved Stephen Johnson. This unmatched training prepared her for the World Jump Rope and Power Competition; a milestone that spread Bernadette’s mission to health enthusiasts around the world. In 2014, she took silver in both the Jump Rope Burpee and Double Under competitions and bronze in the speed competition at the Arnold's Classic in Columbus, Ohio.


Make It Fun NYC has been featured in national magazines and digital media platforms. Her exceptional exercise career gained her recognition on the Dr.Oz show and a featured performance at Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival! Bernadette hosts  jump rope workshops for children and adults, one on one high energy training, and organized sports training.

Outside of Make It Fun NYC Bernadette works as a case manager in social work.  Over the last 16 years she has worked with individuals with HIV/AIDS and those with mental disabilities ensuring that they are able to live their lives a bit brighter. With a contagious enthusiasm for life, you cant help but strive for greatness when around her. Bernadette has amazing ability to maintain intense physical activities and still make it fun.

Bernadette makes jump rope and exercise as a whole exciting for everyone looking to live a healthy active lifestyle. 

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