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MIFNYC changes your entire mindset when it comes to exercise!

Learn the proper techniques of jumping rope to build

a fun and fast workout routine for your entire body.

Gain agility, speed, coordination and balance.

Burn fat and achieve overall fitness success.



Are you a jump rope beginner who wants to learn how to jump rope?


Or perhaps, you know how to jump but skipped out on some foundational lessons?




You’ve come to the right place. The e-guide (Level Up Your Jump Rope Game) covers everything you need to know before you even pick up a jump rope.


Don’t worry, you will learn how to jump rope too.


This guide is going to show you everything you need to know to get started on your jump rope journey, no matter your past/current jump rope experience or fitness level.


Are you ready to start?


This beginner's jump rope e-guide (Level Up Your Jump Rope Game) will help you get started with or level-up your jump rope game.


Here's a quick summary of what's covered:


Benefits of jump rope

Is jump rope a good exercise for bad knees

How to avoid jump rope injury

Types of jump ropes

Jump rope attire

Surfaces for jump rope

How to jump 101

And much more…..

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