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MIFNYC changes your entire mindset when it comes to exercise!Learn the proper techniques of jumping rope to build a fun and fast workout routine for your entire body. Gain agility, speed, coordination and balance. Burn fat and achieve overall fitness success. 

Enjoy these free videos and join here for workouts,

tutorials, meal plans, and more!

 When I was 277 lbs I watched you jump rope with so much energy and with the biggest smile. I thought to myself if only I could do that it would help me with my weight loss journey. At 250 lbs I tried it here and there with little confidence in myself so I stopped. At 235 lbs I tried it again and saw you doing a jump challenge.  Thank you so much for sharing the challenge on social media. I'm on day 16/100 and I'm up to 125 jumps!

—  A. Jackson

With heavy ropes, you can tone the same muscles a regular jump rope can plus the rest of your body; however, heavy ropes are more effective at building lean muscle and reducing body fat. Heavy ropes are also a much more intense workout.

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