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Are you settling?

Most people settle because they don't FEEL LIKE doing what it takes to place themselves in front of opportunity - not because they actually have to settle.

Opportunities are unlimited...

The opportunity to make more money.

The opportunity for better health.

The opportunity to change your career.

The opportunity to experience a better relationship.

The opportunity to apologize.

The opportunity for a happier life.


The thing about opportunity is that it's just as easy to miss as it is to see.

How you treat opportunity depends solely on your mindset. How opportunity treats you depends solely on your decisions.

Some people take advantage immediately.

Some people never take advantage at all.

But, never for one second believe that just because you don't like today's result that you never had the opportunity to choose differently.

How many blessings have you missed out on because you failed to take positive advantage of your opportunity?


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