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Jumping The Rope, Move Yourself and Manifest Your Success

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

I am pleased to announce that my book Jumping The Rope, is available on multiple platforms.

Book Description: Are you tired of being treated like an outcast or seen as the underdog? The moment you begin to prioritize yourself, your dreams, and the vision you were put onto this earth to accomplish is the exact moment you realize your true power. In Bernadette Henry’s book Jumping The Rope: Move Yourself and Manifest Your Success, she provides readers with practical steps to making progress through the journey of being the underdog. What could only take a few seconds of time and action, most people spend their whole lives waiting inactively on the right moment to take their first jump. In this book, Henry shares personal strategies and tips that have allowed her to be recognized as a global phenomenon in the health and wellness industry. Your presence can either develop an innovation that solves problems around the world or plant seeds of doubt that cripple the calling you’ve been put on earth to accomplish.

In Jumping The Rope: Move Yourself and Manifest Your Success, you will learn proven strategies to redesign your life to construct the dream that you envision. Her story will empower you to persevere beyond your current reality and explore the purpose-filled life that you have been dreaming of. Learn more about this book at


If you'd like a signed copy, you can order directly through this site :) (only available in US)

Thanks so much, and I look fowforwardard to your feedback.

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Great post and amazing book!

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