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Lose Weight Quickly With This Easy To Maintain Diet

There are a lot of people in the world who are trying to find ways to lose weight quickly. In this article I write about a simple diet that worked for me.

I have always had an ongoing battle with my own weight, however a few months ago I managed to lose those excess pounds.

I have always liked the wrong types of food and drinks and as a result have always been on the large side. I must be incredibly careful what I eat as I seem to gain weight very easily. In my life I have tried many weight loss programs or diets, however I have always looked for a way of losing weight without having to resort to starving myself or by having to do huge amounts of exercise.

I am not sure if you are like me, but I have always been annoyed and frustrated with people who seem to be able to eat seemingly huge amounts of food, without getting fat. I am sure I eat half as much as these people but am still twice their size, it is not fair! That was until a couple of years ago.

I decided I needed to find my own weight loss program. I had to be realistic, I was aware that I did extraordinarily little exercise and that I liked all of the wrong types of food. I loved the taste of fast food; this was only because of my busy lifestyle though. One of my biggest problems though was that I liked snack food, such as peanuts, chocolate, and crisps.

I knew that most people would advise me to stop eating all these fatty type foods. They would also no doubt, advise me to work out more. Get real! I’m a very busy person and while 10-15 minutes a day seems like nothing, to a person that’s as busy as me, it is.

I decided that what I would do is to basically eat a healthy type breakfast, which would be cereal or toast. I would have a light lunch, such as a sandwich, however for my evening meal I could eat whatever I wanted. The main thing and most difficult to implement would be the fact that I would be no longer eating between meals. The snacks had to go! I am not trying to say that this was easy to do, however I had a need and was determined to lose weight.

For exercise I decided to consistently do a 10-15-minute workout at least 3-5 times a week. I also started taking my children to the park more often. At the park we would play games such as football, soccer and baseball. It is amazing how much weight you can lose by having fun.

These things were what helped me to lose all my weight and to reach a size I was happy with.

You must do what works for you and your lifestyle.


Thank you for reading. What changes will you make after reading this?

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