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Taking the JUMP: How Courage Leads to Manifesting Success

Have you ever found yourself feeling stuck and unable to move forward? We've all been there at some point in our lives, consumed by fear and unable to take the first step toward reaching our goals. It's time to take back control of your life and prioritize yourself. Courage is closely intertwined with confidence; by believing in ourselves and recognizing what we ultimately deserve, we can manifest success and slowly open doors that were closed before. Furthermore, taking this courageous leap often signifies the beginnings of healing from hurtful past experiences and paving a path toward newfound freedom and growth. So take back your life today. Take JUMP - fearless courage, priorities, healing, and manifesting our success will follow!

What does it mean to "JUMP"? To "JUMP" means to take a bold step towards something that requires more than just courage – it requires a commitment to self that can be daunting but is necessary for growth. When we take this leap of faith, it is an act of trust in ourselves that no matter what happens, we have the strength to make it through any situation. It also allows us to believe in ourselves even when others don't believe in us or are not supportive of our dreams.

Taking this courageous step cannot be understated – it helps us break away from our pasts and create new beginnings for ourselves. Recognizing our worthiness and trusting ourselves removes the need for validation from outside sources. Instead, we can focus on what matters – creating a vision for our lives that makes us happy and fulfilled – instead of worrying about what other people think or want from us. When we prioritize ourselves first, we become more confident in who we are and begin to recognize the power within us to achieve anything we want.

Having confidence is also incredibly important when embarking on a journey toward manifesting success. Confidence is closely linked with courage because they both require an inner belief in oneself that things will turn out right, despite any risks involved along the way. Believing in yourself gives you the strength to continue pushing forward even when times get tough. It gives you hope when giving up seems like a more accessible option. But, most importantly, it gives you courage when you need it most - when taking back control of your own life feels too intimidating or impossible.

Taking a JUMP can be intimidating at first, but with perseverance comes success! By taking this courageous leap towards manifesting success, midlife women can break away from their pasts and create new beginnings for themselves while also learning how to prioritize themselves first as they work towards achieving their goals. This includes having confidence in themselves even if others don't believe them or support their dreams. As well as having enough courage when giving up seems like a more accessible option - so they can take back control of their own lives without feeling overwhelmed or scared. With time comes progress; by believing in yourself, you will eventually find success! So go ahead and take JUMP today! You won't regret it!        


Are you tired of being treated like an outcast or seen as the underdog? The moment you begin to prioritize yourself, your dreams, and the vision you were put onto this earth to accomplish is the exact moment you realize your true power. In Bernadette Henry’s book Jumping The Rope: Move Yourself and Manifest Your Success, she provides readers with practical steps to making progress through the journey of being the underdog. What could only take a few seconds of time and action, most people spend their whole lives waiting inactively on the right moment to take their first jump. In this book, Henry shares personal strategies and tips that have allowed her to be recognized as a global phenomenon in the health and wellness industry. Your presence can either develop an innovation that solves problems around the world or plant seeds of doubt that cripple the calling you’ve been put on earth to accomplish. In Jumping The Rope: Move Yourself and Manifest Your Success, you will learn proven strategies to redesign your life to construct the dream that you envision. Her story will empower you to persevere beyond your current reality and explore the purpose-filled life that you have been dreaming of.

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