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Are you having issues with your knees when jumping rope?

The key to building a business is building relationships. But not just ANY relationships, the RIGHT relationships. Strategic relationships and partnerships will elevate your mindset, your business and your money!

I've met some amazing brands/businesses in this online space. Some made some great collaborations and others may have not.

When collaborating on any level in your brand/business, it must make sense.

What can I learn from this person? How can I be a value to this person? How can we be of value and service to the clients we serve both individually and collectively?

I've collaborated with some amazing brands/businesses.

One of my most recent ones is with The Upgrade Guys.

I was recently a guest on their podcast.

I was talking about my audience major pain point when it comes to jump rope such as ankle, knees, feet and joint issues.

We decided that we should create a course to address this concern.

I provide you with the foundational skills to become an amazing and well rounded jump roper.

The Upgrade Guys help you Upgrade your Fitness Program through improved mobility in a way that stretching alone cannot.

What better collab is this and it all came from a podcast interview.

Check out the JUMP ROPE PREP AND RECOVERY course!

You won't be disappointed.

or text UPGRADE to 718-504-2192

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