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Reviving the Spirit of Jump 2 Burn: A Personal Journey and Call to Action

Hello everyone! I'm Bernadette Henry, the passionate instructor behind Jump 2 Burn jump rope classes. Since 2012, I have dedicated myself to teaching the art and joy of jump roping. My journey began with Punk Rope and evolved into the Jump 2 Burn classes you know today. However, lately, I've faced a challenging predicament – canceling several classes due to low registration. It's a situation that weighs heavily on me because of my love for teaching and the practicalities involved in organizing these sessions. In this blog, I want to share the heart of the matter, the challenges I face, and how we, as a community, can overcome them together.

I. The Challenge of Sustaining Classes

The reality of running Jump 2 Burn classes involves more than just showing up and teaching. I rent a studio for each class, a cost that class registrations must cover. My rule has been to have at least five students registered by the Wednesday before the class. Unfortunately, recent months have seen a decline in attendance, forcing me to cancel classes. The financial implications are significant – renting the studio, covering transportation costs, and maintaining the website are just a few expenses. These costs are barely met even with five students, let alone when only one or two register.

II. Balancing Responsibilities

As much as I adore teaching Jump 2 Burn, I must also balance other critical aspects of my life. I am a mother, have a full-time job, and am furthering my education. This tight schedule means that every hour of my day is precious. Therefore, prioritizing my time becomes essential. Running a class for one or two people, as much as I would love to, aligns differently with the practical use of my time and resources.

III. The Dilemma of Advertising

A common suggestion is to invest in online advertising to boost class registrations. However, this isn't a feasible solution, given the financial dynamics of the classes. As I only teach twice a month, the cost of effective advertising would far exceed the income generated from the classes. The decision not to run ads is calculated to maintain the sustainability of Jump 2 Burn.

Despite these challenges, my enthusiasm for teaching jump rope remains undiminished. I dream of a day when classes are bustling with eager learners, and I can even consider adding a second class on teaching days. This would allow for more personalized instruction and an enhanced learning experience. My co-teacher could provide more opportunities for one-on-one interaction to help you progress in your jump rope journey.

The essence of Jump 2 Burn goes beyond jump roping; it's about building a community, sharing a passion, and enjoying a fitness journey together. Your participation, enthusiasm, and commitment breathe life into these classes.

I invite you to be a part of this vibrant community. Join us at Jump 2 Burn, bring your energy, and let's create unforgettable fitness experiences together. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach out via comments or email. Your input is invaluable in shaping the future of our classes. Please register for our next session at [](, and let's keep the rhythm alive. Together, we can ensure that Jump 2 Burn continues thriving as a learning, health, and joy space. #Jump2Burn


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