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A Different Kind Of Salad

Get in my belly! Very rarely will you hear me say this when staring at a giant bowl of salad. But lately I have embraced it as a common phrase and my relationship with salads have improved. You see I am a hot veggies kind of girl! Steam them, sauté them, roast them and you have one happy Charlotte. HOWEVER, I do understand the importance of having raw veggies in your diet. I just struggled to get... myself there mentally and would look upon these fresh and vibrant objects with disdain. Until I was introduced to the idea of a BUDDHA BOWL!

Buddha Bowl (photo credit Well and Full)

Now a BUDDHA BOWL, the way I understand it, is a bowl filled with YUM! A melody of different textures and flavors, sweet and spicy and hot and cold food. Basically it can have ANYTHING in it as long as part of your base is some raw leafy greens. For example – My lunch this week has had Kale as its base and then I added black beans, sweet corns, crispy tortilla strips, shredded carrot, avocadoes and diced tomatoes. Sounds like a salad right? WRONG lol because if I call it a salad I wont eat it. A more unique mix is spinach with curried sweet potato and tofu, beet slaw. Now do you see why I wont call it a salad? It will forever be a bowl of YUMMM!!! Feel free to make your own mixes with some of the below common ingredients. Just don’t forget to have at least 2 handfuls of raw leafy greens as your base and don’t go crazy with any fried/crispy toppings (crispy wontons, tortilla strips or noodles). Also if you are concerned about calorie content/breakdown send us a comment and we can give you some measurements! Base Spinach Kale Mixed greens *White/Red Cabbage (totally NOT a “leafy green” but on a cold day I would sauté some of this as my base YUMMMM) Proteins Falafel Tofu Tempeh Shredded Chicken Mixed beans Thinly sliced beef Shredded Turkey Shredded Pork Quinoa Extra toppings Sweet corn Beet Slaw Diced tomatoes Avocado Nuts Seeds Fresh herbs Fruits Sweet potato Squash Brown rice Orzo TTYL Peeps! Happy CHOMPING!!!! Charlotte Charlotte Kellyman Team Make It Fun NYC

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