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Just Breathe

Not an instruction only used in yoga but something also very important when we engage in jump rope activities.

Deep breathing while jumping rope clears your mind, sharpens your focus and energizes you. Now if you are new to jumping rope it might not feel very energizing at first but Jump rope will actually improve breathing efficiency. As your breathing improves during jump rope, breathing during other exercises will get easier.

Have you ever tried jumping for 30 seconds and get winded quickly? Yeah…. Jumping rope can feel like an intense ordeal and you are not wrong. In addition to coordinating your body, you must coordinate your breathing. Some heavy duty multitasking in my books! As daunting as all of this might seem jumping rope is considered to be one of the best conditioning exercises out there and has been recommended for heart and lung health. Jumping rope will force your lungs to get stronger to accommodate the extra work needed to provide oxygen to other organs. We suggest jumping rope 3-5 times a week for 12-20 minutes. Now imagine if you stick with it how much progress you could make and how much stronger the muscles surrounding your heart and lungs will be. Gone will be the days of walking up a flight of stairs gasping for oxygen or if like me, running out of breath when chasing my nephew around the house.

“It takes less training time to jump rope than to run for the same benefits. Because jumping rope requires greater technique, it incorporates more muscles, both the muscles that move and those that hold the body stable. Jumping rope requires a greater expenditure of energy. Turning the rope increases the level of intensity.” – Gray Cook

Mr. Cook you are speaking my language! I would much rather jump rope first and achieve better cardiovascular health quicker than to run (personal preference).

Now how does one breathe properly to get the most out of their jump rope routine?

Inhale through your nose, exhale out your mouth. Try not to jump rope with your mouth open or your will fatigue your lungs quickly.

Watch the video to learn proper breathing techniques for Jump Rope

Still not sure what rope to use? We got you covered!

Until next time


Team Make It Fun NYC

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