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Do I Have To Give Up French Fries?

I can't give you up!

Fries glorious fries! It's lent and I refuse to give you up! But alas we must part! If you are in this same predicament don't lose heart! There are some amazing substitutes that taste fabulous and are great for you and you won't miss the real thing (too much).

In third place ringing in at 24 calories per 100g is the lovely suede aka rutabaga. It is a sweet root vegetable that has the same anti-cancer phytochemicals as cabbage and broccoli. It also contains beta-carotene and a good source of vitamin C. You can cut suedes in to fries toss in grapeseed oil (can be heated to high heats without the oil becoming rancid and negatively changing its molecular makeup) and salt and pepper and roast (on 400 F) until crispy on the outside and tender in the middle (about 30 minutes).

The high beta-carotene in this next root vegetable is its classic identifier. In second place and weighing in at 35 calories per 100g the bright orange carrot can support our bodies fight to lower free radicals and boost our immune systems. Cooking carrots helps to release beta-carotene so it only makes sense to make fries! Remember cooking with grapeseed oil will add to the health benefits. You can use the same cooking method as the suedes.

Now in my opinion first place goes to the humble parsnip. Even though it has the highest calorie count of the three - coming in at 64 calories per 100g it has four time the amount of fibre found in potatoes. Also a great source of folic acid and the best cooking method to preserve it is roasting in a bit of oil. Well don't need to tell me twice fries it is. Again the same cooking methods for our other potato substitute will work.

I wish you all a happy tummy experience!

Team Make It Fun NYC

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