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Green Shot Challenge

Grass? Cows are on to something!

So, we know a cow’s food of choice is grass and they may be on to something. Now I am not encouraging anyone to go outside and chow down on some grass from your garden BUT I do recommend you get your hands on some wheatgrass.

Consuming only 2 ounces will provide you with 5 pounds’ worth of raw vegetables. If that’s not enough of a reason to join #teamwheatgrass it is also classified as a complete protein. This means that it has all of the essential amino acids in the form of small polypeptide chains making it easier for the bloodstream and tissues to absorb for efficient use.

Mind blown yet? Well let’s add some detoxing to the list of benefits. Your blood transports toxins and your liver supports toxin elimination. Wheatgrass supports both in the clean-up process.

In this day and age where pollutants and carcinogens are very prevalent, we need a supplement that will do a fantastic job in combating their negative effects.

Enough with the benefits, how does one consume this magical substance? The best way to consume wheatgrass is by juicing it. It is ideal to drink it as soon as you juice it while it is still fresh and on an empty stomach for better absorption.

You can grow wheat grass at home and there are some helpful instructions on the world-wide web!

If you need a Wheat Grass Kit or want to know where you can obtain Wheat Grass in NYC, Check out Perfect Foods, Inc

Happy juicing!

Team Make It Fun NYC


Who's joining the Green Shot Challenge with Team Make It Fun Nyc? It starts 4/17/17 and ends 4/21/17. All you have to do is just drink wheat grass everyday for 5 days (minimum) to feel energized for spring and raise awareness for the incredible benefits of wheat grass. ________________________________________ Benefits of Wheat grass: 1. 1 oz. Of wheat grass = 2.5 lbs of veggies. 2. A sweet and powerful energy boost. 3. Cleans and detoxifies 4. Benefits every part of your body. 5. Alkalizes your body to fight off disease. ________________________________________

Be sure to post to instagram or facebook everyday during the week of 4/17 and use the hashtags #GreenShotChallenge and #MakeItFunNyc

Are you in NYC and need to know where to get wheat grass? Check this list

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