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7 Ways On Learning To Love Yourself

1. Forget past mistakes: Now it's easier said than done to actually "forget" a period in your life where things didn't go as planned. But you can come to terms with the "mistake" and learn the lesson it was teaching you. Do not allow the situation to have a crippling affect on your mindset. Why focus on something that you do not have the power to change? Change what is in your power and that is your present and your future. Write down what it was about the mistake that is causing this discomfort. Now write down an alternative ending. Focus on that alternative and file it away for future use.

2. Smile at yourself in the mirror: I think a mirror is our worst enemy when we look in it for the sole purpose of self abuse. Need to lose weight! Face isn't smooth enough! Bags under the eye! Hair is dull and lifeless. Now let's try something new! Look at yourself as a blank canvas or a piece of clay or even a plant seed. Look at those areas as places to create. Research what you can do to make those areas into what you want to see. Speak love and life to those areas and most of all to yourself. Smile knowing that a weeks from now you will see improvement no matter how small. Comment below if there are areas you want to improve and let's support each other through it.

3. Celebrate the small victories: Ate breakfast 7 days in a row? Didn't buy lunch at work all week? These are small victories leading to better formed habits. A stack of small victories will lead to sustainable weight loss or sustaining whatever it is that is your end goal. You can't run a race by leaping from the start to the finish line. You put one foot in front of the other focusing on the desire to make it one step further.

4. Visualize yourself succeeding: What is your end goal? What does success look like to you? Now reverse engineer the process on how to get there. Create the steps from the end going backwards not the other way round. Not sure how to get there? Find people that have the level of success you desire and ask them how they did it or research them. Take some time each day to truly understand what success is to you and paint a vivid picture of it. Break it down into its basic building blocks.

5. Get around positive people: I can't! I can't!I don't want to waa waa waa! Get away from them! The nay-sayers. They say it can't be done because they haven't taken the time to figure it out and maybe they don't even care to. So why stick around them when your goal is to move one step further this year. They offer their advice on something they have never done. So why take it? Find people that are optimistic and hardworking, goal oriented and driven. Don't know where to find them? Well in this day and age you don't even have to leave your house to find millions of people. Search for them in LinkedIn groups, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

6. Invest in yourself: Want to be an expert at something? Want to increase your knowledge on something? Take a course! Attend a weekend seminar or webinar. Don't have the money? Think about things that you spend money on daily, weekly, ect: Do you buy coffee or lunch every day? Frequently visit the nail and hair salon? Eat out often or buy mindless gadgets? Give that up for a couple of months. Do away with the acts of instant gratification and pursue something worthwhile and with long lasting benefits. Your nails will be there when you get back I promise.

7. Stop caring what people think all the time: Can they pay your bills? Do they have dinner waiting for you when you get home? Are they giving you anything of value to get to your goal? Then why do we place so much value on their input? Be respectful of them but you don't have to accept nor feel responsible for their thoughts and actions towards you. Don't second guess a decision that is for YOU just because someone may have something to say about it. Keep chugging along my little engine that could.


Tell us how you are loving yourself in the comments.

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