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Who's Holding You Accountable?

Nothing changes until something changes - and the 1st step of change starts with a decision that YOU must make.

See, here's the thing - your life won't change simply because you have great ideas in your head. Unexecuted ideas are worthless. You have to actually act on those ideas. How much greatness are you sleeping on every night?

How many decisions and choices did you fail to make? How much opportunity has been wasted?

Somebody needs to hold you accountable to becoming your best self and I'm okay if that somebody is me. I'm not scared to call you out and offer you better direction. I know what it's like to feel stuck.

I remember in late 2019 I was so sick and tired of blood pressure pills. I kept begging the doctor to not to increase my meds and to let me do things on my own. In early 2020, I decided enough was enough and that I had to J.U.M.P. aka Take Action. And I did!

Like, me, you can become unstuck with 3 key ingredients:

📌 Belief

📌 Desire

📌 Consistency

It starts here - and all of the other important pieces will fall into place.

If I can help you work on your physical wellness goals, you should join the ROPE IS DOPE Club 👌 text CLUB to 718-504-2192

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