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Why You Should Have Fat In Your Diet

Pull over that meal is too FAT!

Is fat necessarily a bad thing? Why does fat get such a bad rep? If it wasn’t for fat our bodies wouldn’t be able to develop properly and our cells wouldn’t function as well as they could. Fats also help transport fat soluble vitamins throughout the bloodstream (Vitamin A, D, E and K).

So what’s all the fat fuss about? Well there are good fats and there are bad ones (obviously, Charlotte!) Stay with me – Good fat in our bodies is known as brown fat. Brown fat generates heat to provide our body with energy and burn calories. Its purpose is not to STORE FAT. Studies have shown that lean people have more brown fat than obese people. As you age your body is composed of less brown fat and more of white/yellow fat (or “bad” fat). White/yellow fat stores energy and saves it for a rainy day. It acts as a thermal insulator and surrounds our organs.

Now how do we make either of these fats? Well brown fat is made when we exercise. Our bodies convert white fat cells into active brown fat cells. We also create brown fat when we get enough sleep. Melatonin supports creating brown fat cells. Also, cold temperatures help to create brown fat cells – think cold showers, lowering the temperature in your home or working out in the cold. White fat on the other hand is created by consuming more calories than you burn.

Now our bodies can turn any food into fat. Consuming fat isn’t the only culprit of body fat. Our bodies need us to consume fats for survival so don’t rule this important macronutrient from your diet. All that needs to be done is focus on the good fats.

Good fats can be found in nuts, fish, avocadoes, olives, flaxseed, olive oil, chia seeds, eggs…the list is quite extensive! Bad fats are all of those processed fats – hydrogenated oils, margarine or any food items high in trans or saturated fats.

Moral of my story (yes there is one lol). Focus on consuming healthy fats, get moving, get rest and you will be helping your body increase consumption and retention of good fats.

Do you include fats in your diet?

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