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Run & Row 2017

My children and I had a great time attending the Run Row NY event at the Fort Washington Avenue Armory . Today's event was to raise funds for the Armory College Prep Foundation (Their Goal: A Low Debt, College Degree for every Armory College Prep Student).

My babies and I will definitely participate next year. This year we were spectators. My youngest child will be 2 years old and better managed, I think :)

Ajani and Yaron did receive a rowing lesson which taught them the proper way to row.

If your child is an active participant in a nyc school track program, they can practice at the Armory.

Thanks for the invite Justin Gaymon . It was also great to see one of my awesome fit friends and track star Judine St. Gerard (follow her on instagram). I always love to meet new people and talk about Jump rope- Robert, it was a pleasure (check him out on instagram). It was also great running to my friend Tyrek, track coach.

Ps. I love jumping on track turf.... I couldn't resist.

Enjoy my magisto mix version of of the event:

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