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Wellness Gift Guide

From one fitness fanatic to another, we’d like to say that our kind are the most fun to buy for. Whether you’re shopping for your loved ones or updating your training gear, we’ve got all the best stocking stuffers in one place. While some of the gifts in this guide are jump rope training specific, these gifts are suitable for all athletes.

1. Bodyworks Ball

The Bodyworks Ball is a handy self-massage tool for targeting hard-to-reach knots. The design features a ball on a cord that’s attached to a handle, to enable the user to place the ball between their back and a wall, and press to relieve tension.

Click on the photo to purchase. Use code "JUMP" at checkout for 10% off

2. Crossrope Jump Rope

In our blog post, The Benefits of Jumping with Weighted Ropes, we highlighted our favorite brand of jump ropes, Crossrope. They offer ¼ lb, ½ lb, 1 lb, and 2 lb ropes, as well as a variety of bundles. If you’re looking for a challenge that will burn fat, build lean muscle, build upper body strength, and develop your shoulders, consider a weighted jump rope. If you or your loved one are complete beginners, you should know it’s actually far easier to learn to jump with a weighted rope than an unweighted rope.

Click the photo to purchase

3. Compression Socks

Compression socks are loved by many athletes who work their legs until exhaustion - runners, CrossFit folks, skiers, jump ropers and more. These socks can increase blood flow, decrease recovery time, provide muscular support, wick sweat, and can be used either during or after a workout. Our favorite brand, Go2 Socks, has tons of fun colors and patterns available.

Click on the photo to purchase. Use code "Go2SocksFunNYC15" for 15% off and free shipping

4. 30 Day Getting Started Guide

We’re of the belief that you can (and should) make goals throughout the year, but since the new year is nearly upon us, it’s the perfect time to make a new year’s resolution. Our 30 Day Getting Started Guide is the perfect way to gain agility, speed, coordination and balance while burning fat and achieving overall fitness. It’s a great gift for people who love a challenging workout. We’ll teach you proper technique, which is essential for ensuring rope rope is a low-impact activity.

Click on the photo to purchase

5. 180 & 360 Degree Turn Tutorial

Experienced jump rope enthusiasts will jump (pun intended) for joy at our 180 & 360 Degree Turn Tutorial. Learn to get dynamic while jumping rope. Turns are not only a great way to mix up your workouts, they build coordination, power, and technique. Jumps also look awesome.

Click on the photo to purchase

6. Alternate Feet / Jumping Jack Combo

Under “Shop” on our website, you’ll find tutorials, a great tool for expanding your jump rope horizons. For just $10/month, you’ll get access to all of our tutorials, including the lesson on alternate feet and jumping jack combos. If you’re looking to get creative with jumping rope, this is a must have for the new year.

7. The Go Pill

Some days, you just need a little extra push. The Go Pill is an all-natural formulation of vitamins, plant extracts, caffeine, and electrolytes that can help you find the energy and motivation to take on a tough workout.

Click on the photo to purchase. Use Code "GOBERNADETTE" for 20% bonus product and free shipping


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