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My Weight Loss Journey Update and My New Weight Loss Challenge

My Weight Loss Journey Update and My New Weight Loss Challenge

This is a very exciting moment for me, and I am ready to spill all the tea (detox tea that is lol), on my weight loss journey, the changes that I’ve been making, and most importantly, my new weight loss challenge (you’re invited to join me)!

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, then you already know that I’ve been making some serious lifestyle changes, and sharing my journey on social media, through my live broadcasts, Facebook group, videos, and photos. I love all of the positive feedback that I’ve been receiving from all of you (thank you!), and I wanted to finally share, in a blog post, the details of my journey, with you.

Bernadette and Blink Fitness

I'm very excited to be an Ambassador for the Blink Fitness #WeFitTogether Campaign!

So, as you may already know, I am a busy working mom, with two full time jobs, three young children, a husband, a business, and on top of that, I teach jump rope classes. To say my life is hectic, would be a serious understatement!

With all that I have going on, I really started to slip, and let my health and fitness decline, due to lack of sleep, stress, eating at different times of the day and night, lack of exercise, and my crazy, intense lifestyle.

That being said, one day I decided that enough was enough, and it was time for a change. Since I knew that I probably wouldn’t be able to commit to anything too drastic for the long-term, I decided to implement some small changes, and just be consistent in those things, for a month to start.

Make It Fun NYC Weight Loss Journey Update and Weight Loss Challenge

Here’s what I initially did:

1) I increased my water intake, using this app and water bottle.

2) I started drinking detox tea, once or twice a day (I lost 5 lbs. in 5 days, just from drinking the tea alone! Hello clean intestines!).

3) I started jumping rope outside, doing 1000 jumps, 3x a week, for five weeks. I did live broadcasts every time I did this jump rope workout, to help me stay accountable and consistent. I used weighted ropes to burn more calories in less time, and it was like lifting weights, which burns fat faster.

4) I limited the beef and pork in my diet, and I make sure that I have fiber with every meal.

By making these small changes alone, I was able to lose 10 lbs. in 4 weeks! Incredible, I know!

Bernadette Henry Weight Loss Journey Before and After

I also adjusted my eating habits in a very specific way, that I will share below, in case you want to try this method as well (it really works!).

  • Have fiber with every meal.

  • Drink a cup of water before you eat your meal.

  • Eat your fiber first.

  • Eat your other food.

  • Finish your meal by drinking another cup of water.

Another secret to my weight loss success so far has been my “liquid gold”! I’m sure you’ve seen me take it, or talk about it on social media. It’s a liquid waist trainer called, "Trim", and it helps to supplement what I’m already doing, by inhibiting fat storage, and reducing fat cell formation. It is the reason the size and shape of my tummy has changed so quickly.

Just a teaspoon a day, melts the belly away! Plus, it:

  • Supports fat metabolism.

  • Supports a reduction in fat cells.

  • Promotes a healthy body composition.

  • Improves muscle tone.

  • Restores youthful skin.

So that’s my weight loss journey update. Stay tuned for more updates, in upcoming blog posts.

Make It Fun NYC Weight Loss Challenge

Now on to even more exciting things; my new, weight loss challenge!

As Moms, we put so much of our time and energy into taking care of everyone else, at the expense of ourselves. In addition to taking care of our children, some of us are in relationships, work a full time job, attend school, or even have our own businesses. Life can get very crazy!

As you already know, you can not take care of others, unless you are taking care of yourself.

So I created this weight loss challenge, as a guide to show you how you can live a healthy lifestyle, even if you only have 30 minutes a day to dedicate to your health and fitness.

I am starting a 30-60-90-day, Get Fit Fall Challenge, for busy working moms who have fallen off the fitness wagon. Here is your opportunity to start over!

I realize that 90 days may be a bit much for some of you, so you are free to participate for just 30 days, 60 days, or the whole 90 days of the challenge.

Make It Fun NYC Weight Loss Challenge

There will be lots of support, and more in depth fitness, nutrition, and coaching for everyone who participates in my challenge!

We will be working closely together, in a private Facebook group, for this challenge! We want this group to be interactive, uplifting, and a little bit more “intense” than my free Facebook group, for busy working moms.

Invite at least 3 friends to join you, and you can save money!

To participate in the challenge, you must be on a 30, 60, or 90-day commitment, with smart ship, with one of the following two combos:

  • M3

  • M3 +Trim

The challenge begins on Monday, September 24th 2018, so be sure to sign up today!

Click below to join my weight loss challenge!

Make It Fun NYC Weight Loss Challenge

(The Challenge starts Monday, however you can start anytime after.)

Join my Facebook Group for busy working moms trying to stay fit, physically, mentally, and emotionally, right here!

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Jump to Burn Jump Rope Classes

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