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Day 17 of the 20-Day Jump Rope Challenge: Mastering the Double Under and Cross Over – Combining Techniques for Jump Rope Success


Welcome to Day 17 of our 20-Day Jump Rope Challenge! If you're a woman in your 40s, balancing a busy work schedule and raising children under 18, finding time to stay fit can be incredibly challenging. However, quick and effective workouts like jump rope exercises can seamlessly fit into your routine, offering a fun and high-impact way to maintain your fitness. Today, we'll delve into mastering the double under and crossover techniques, combining these moves to elevate your jump rope skills. If you've missed any previous videos, you can catch up on my website at Make It Fun NYC or join our jump rope group on Facebook here.

The Importance of Fitness for Women in Their 40s

Maintaining physical fitness in your 40s is crucial for overall health and well-being. Regular exercise helps in weight management, reduces the risk of chronic diseases, enhances mental health, and boosts energy levels. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), adults should aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity each week, combined with muscle-strengthening activities two or more days a week. A study published in the Journal of Women's Health found that women in their 40s who engage in regular physical activity report higher physical and mental health levels, lower stress levels, and improved quality of life.

Jump rope workouts are an excellent way to achieve these benefits. They are efficient, effective, and can be done virtually anywhere, making them perfect for busy women who need exercise in their hectic schedules.

Mastering the Double Under and Cross Over: Combining Techniques for Jump Rope Success

Engaging Introduction

Imagine transforming your workout routine with moves that enhance your physical fitness and add an element of fun and challenge. Today, we combine two powerful jump rope techniques: the double under and the crossover. These moves are popular among athletes, including boxers and CrossFit enthusiasts, but they are also accessible and beneficial for the fitness community.

What Are the Double Under and Crossover?

  • Double Under: This technique involves passing the rope twice under your feet with a single jump. It requires timing, coordination, and a bit of practice to master.

  • Crossover: This move involves crossing your arms in front of you while jumping, adding a layer of complexity and flair to your routine.

Combining these techniques can provide a comprehensive workout that challenges your cardiovascular system, enhances coordination, and builds muscular endurance.

Steps to Master the Double Under

  1. Basic Jumping:

  • Start with basic jumps to get into a rhythm.

  • Ensure your jumps are smooth and consistent.

  1. Increase Rope Speed:

  • Gradually increase the speed of the rope while maintaining your jumping rhythm.

  • Focus on making quicker wrist movements to pass the rope under your feet twice.

  1. High Jumps:

  • Jump higher than usual to allow enough time for the rope to pass twice.

  • Keep your body upright, and use your legs to propel yourself upward.

  1. Practice:

  • Practice the double under in sets, starting with a few repetitions and gradually increasing as you become more comfortable.

Steps to Master the Crossover

  1. Basic Jumping:

  • Begin with a few basic jumps to establish a rhythm.

  1. Initiate the Cross:

  • On the third jump, start crossing your arms in front of you.

  • Ensure your arms cross far enough in front so the rope clears under your feet.

  1. Jump Over the Rope:

  • As you cross your arms, jump over the rope.

  • Timing is crucial to avoid tripping over the rope.

  1. Return to Basic Jump:

  • After the crossover, return to basic jumps.

  • Repeat the sequence to practice and master the move.

Combining the Double Under and Crossover

  1. Start with Basic Jumps:

  • Warm up with basic jumps to get into a rhythm.

  1. Sequence the Moves:

  • Perform three basic jumps, then execute a crossover.

  • After a few repetitions, incorporate a double under.

  1. Create a Pattern:

  • Use a pattern like "one, two, three, cross" followed by "one, two, three, double under" to maintain rhythm.

  1. Practice Regularly:

  • Consistency is key. Regular practice will help you build muscle memory and improve your coordination.

Making the Workout More Engaging

Consider adding music or turning it into a high-energy Tabata session to make your jump rope workout more engaging.

Jump Rope Tabata

  1. Interval Training:

  • Perform 20 seconds of intense jumping (including crossovers and double unders), followed by 10 seconds of rest.

  • Repeat for 4 minutes.

  1. Intensity:

  • Push yourself during the high-intensity intervals to maximize the cardiovascular benefits.

Adding Music

  1. Choose Upbeat Songs:

  • Select your favorite upbeat tracks to jump to.

  • Sync your jumps and moves to the rhythm of the music.

  1. Create a Playlist:

  • Curate a playlist that keeps you motivated and energized throughout your workout.


Jump rope workouts are an incredible way for busy women in their 40s to stay fit without sacrificing too much time. By mastering the double under and crossover techniques, you can add variety and challenge to your routine, making it more enjoyable and effective. Consistency is key to seeing results, so incorporate these moves into your daily workouts and watch your fitness improve. If you missed any previous videos in this challenge, visit my Make It Fun NYC website or join our Facebook group here for more tips and support.

Keep jumping, stay active, and embrace the journey of staying fit and healthy in your 40s!

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