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How to be "plus size" and confident


I’ve had my share of insecurities and have worked like crazy over the years to move past them.

I've also learned that you may have issues as a "plus size" women because of what people may say about you and you internalize their issues.

🛑 Right Now and go live your best life!

Here are a few tips

1. Live your truth - You are who you are. It doesn't determine what you are. To be the person that you truly desire to be takes time. Live your life , NOW and stop waiting.

2. Accept yourself - It doesn't matter who else doesn't accept you, that's irrelevant. As long you're good with you, you'll attract the people that will be good with you as well.

3. Keep active - Do the things that being you joy. Please remember that movement and exercise has more purpose than just to lose weight. Movement makes you feel good, keeps you sharp mentally and can momentarily distract you from any current stress. It's also good for your health.

4. Invest in yourself - Get the things that gonna make you look and feel better. And it doesn't always need to be a physical product. Example- I love ethnic earrings and I recently enrolled in a detox challenge.

5. Stop comparing yourself - I know it's tempting to look at that mom that had a child and snapped back in 6 months when you had your child 5 years ago. Stop beating yourself down. What's for you is for you and you will reach your goals with some work, support and accountability. Comparison is the thief of joy.

6. Forget what people say - People are just cruel! But continue to live your best life.

I've had my share online over the years. But then I realize some of those same of those same people wouldn't last 30 seconds doing a basic jump.

Did any of these tips help?


If you need more structure and accountability, I’d love to introduce you to a tool that can help, as well as a community of people to partner with you in your journey of achieving your dreams. Click Here

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