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How To Start Your Fitness Journey - Decisions

You are just ONE DECISION away from making a life change.

Seriously - every great thing started with a decision.

💡The decision to believe

💡The decision to choose yourself

💡The decision to go a little harder

💡The decision to do the work

💡The decision to bet on yourself

There’s one decision that you can make TODAY that can change your reality.

For example, let’s think about your fitness journey.

Here are a few decisions you can make TODAY to get you further along in your process:

📌 Make a commitment to yourself.

📌 Remind yourself that something is better than nothing.

📌 Join the Rope Is Dope Club (BETA mode until September 30th 2021) Join Today or text CLUB to 718-504-2192

Remember - doing nothing is a decision too.


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