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Your commitment to success

How committed are you to being successful?

Will you still be committed when it's hard, when it hurts, when it's full of disappointment, when it doesn't look possible?

Will you still be committed when you have to edit the plan, start over from scratch, do it without support of friends?

Success often requires supernatural belief. You have to commit your thoughts to believing that it's literally beyond you, bigger than you and out of your control. How it happens doesn't really matter. Many times, successful people don't really understand HOW something happened until AFTER it happened.

Here are a few practical tips that will help you stay committed longer:

🔑Set specific goals for exactly what you desire to accomplish.

🔑Review your goals daily.

🔑Meditate. Mediation helps you become clear in your thoughts, calms anxiety and inspires action.

🔑Create routines.

🔑Create vision environments through pictures, affirmations etc., that keep you inspired.

🔑Take steps daily - small or large.

🔑Find a person to hold you accountable.

🔑I’m leveling UP in 7 key areas over the next 365 Days and I’m inviting you to JOIN ME so we can live the life we deserve. No more letting life happen to us —we are making life happen for us!


Here are the 7 key areas of the Oola framework:





𝙁𝙞𝙚𝙡𝙙 (𝙘𝙖𝙧𝙚𝙚𝙧)



Which area do you find the most challenging?

Be sure to leave a comment below and J.U.M.P. with me 😃

📩 DM or message me to J.U.M.P. with me

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