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To P or not to P!

Now this is a question and it is a natural occurrence although at times the topic can be uncomfortable to talk about. I want to preface today's blog by saying - We are all human beings and Team Make It Fun NYC is a team that desires to foster real connections and relationships with its readers, we will do this by keeping an open and honest communication surrounding health, wealth and fitness. Sometimes I will be my normal comedic self-weaving in and out of the traffic of my overlying message and sometimes I will provide some comic relief for those more serious topics.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming!

Jump rope and urinary incontinence (jump rope induced incontinence) is more common than some people would like to admit and as much as some individuals will not want to discuss this it is a real thing!

Have you ever had a strong sneeze or cough that resulted in a little pee? It happens and at times can leave you feeling quite embarrassed.

When you’re jumping rope, it’s normal to feel the urge to pee due to the constant jumping up and down as well as the impact caused when you connect with the ground.

Jump rope induced incontinence can be seen more with women that have children. But not to fret, there is hope.

Here are a few things you can do to decrease the amount of pee or avoid it all together.

1. Try not to drink too much before a jump rope workout.

2. Go to the bathroom before your jump rope workout.

3. Don’t use full impact. Remember you only need to jump high enough to clear the rope.

4. Where a sanitary napkin if you need to.

5. Practice Kegels and other exercises to strengthen your pelvis (you know when you are in the washroom and you hear someone coming and you stop peeing? You just engaged, unknowingly in a kegel exercise)

Kegal Exercises:

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