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How To Do Double Unders

I look at Double Unders like Double Dutch for grown-ups! By no means an easy feat!

Accidents can happen and it is possible that you will hit yourself with the rope but it shouldn’t be a common occurrence. Doing double unders incorrectly means you cannot maintain your rhythm timing or coordination.

So, what is a double under? It is when you jump once and the rope goes under your feet twice. The benefits of this is strengthened shoulders, improved explosiveness, improved grip strength and hand quickness. It also Increases strength in arms shoulders and back, strengthen knees ankles and legs AND if that wasn’t enough it also improves balance, timing, rhythm and anaerobic conditioning.

How can we ensure that we are benefitting from all of these great things? By performing a double under correctly! Check out the tips below for guidance!

Tip 1: Make sure your rope is the right length. For double unders the shorter the rope the better. Rope can be above shoulder, armpit level or chest level.

Tip 2: Keep your arms low and turn the rope with your wrists. If you raise your arms you are shortening the length of the rope even more than needed and making it harder to clear.

Tip 3: The rope needs to hit the ground and you should always hear it hit the ground twice. No sound mans you are raising your arms or not doing it correctly. If you are hitting the ground, then your timing is on point.

Tip 4: Your legs should not bend! Do not lift your knees! When you land with bent knees you are going to hurt your ankles and your knees. Your legs should be straight. Also, avoid throwing your legs behind you as this will throw of your timing, rhythm and coordination. This also uses too much energy and you will not be able to complete the double turn.

Tip 5: Jump high enough to clear the rope. No high jumps needed. This is what makes jumping rope easier on your knees. You only need to clear the rope.

What is the best way to tackle a double under?

The best technique is to do 3 single jumps and then perform the double under. Count to yourself “1,2,3 and up” do these ten times before attempting to do back to back double unders. Once you have mastered this try “1,2,3 and up and up” This will help you focus on timing and alternating between slow and fast speeds.

**BONUS** Double Unders can DOUBLE your calorie burn compared to regular skipping. Let’s get to practising and master this move!

For a demonstration on how to execute a double under check out this video:

Sample Workout using Double Unders:

100 basic jumps

20 double unders

Repeat 5 times

Let's Make It Fun. Reach out for training and more today.

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