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6 Questions To Ask Yourself When Pursuing Your Dreams

Have you ever looked at someone with the perfect life and wondered, "How do I get there?" You know, that person who has everything they want? A job they love, a family they adore. But how did they get to this place? What are their secrets? It's not always easy to find out what those secrets are. And it often requires sitting down and asking them some tough questions about the choices that brought them here. That is why we're going to talk about 6 questions you should ask yourself when pursuing your dreams.

1. What's your highest priority in this lifetime?

What's most important for you to experience, explore or embrace this time around? Until you answer this question, your life goals will be off purpose. Unaligned with your inner passion, your intentions will lack the power to attract the people and situations necessary to become a reality.

Get clued into your true joy. What activities did you enjoy as a child? What are your hobbies now? When your goals are aligned with your soul, synchronicity kicks in to guide you to your target.

2. Is this your dream, or someone else's?

Are your goals your own choice, or what others think you should strive for? Do you want to look back in your old age and wish you had followed your passion? Will you regret having "played it safe?"

Is it selfish to go after your own dream? What joy can you give to others if you haven't given it to yourself first?

3. Are you settling for less than?

Are you resigned to accepting less than your full share of love, health and success this lifetime? Have you compromised and sacrificed your dream?

Anything short of living your true passions will never make you happy.

4. What will you feel like when you reach your dream?

We all have a dream to live our lives fully. If you're not living the life of your dreams, take some time for self-reflection and dive into what it means to be in pursuit or fulfillment with enthusiasm! The Hawaiian Kahuna say "Where your creative attention flows so does that which is most important."

5. What steps can you take today toward your dream?

Don't defer your dream. Set up supports and systems around you to instantly translate your intentions into action. Jump on every opportunity that is in line with your purpose and vision.

Are there smaller projects that lead to your larger dream? If the dream is to run a marathon, train for a local fun-run first. And find a way to measure your progress. Track those little wins-by writing in a journal or telling a friend.

6. Are you telling yourself: "I can't have my dream?”

Most people don't believe they can live their dream. Either their belief system has them believing they can't make a living doing what they love, or they feel they don't deserve their dream. To avoid the pain of feeling they can't have their dream, people often keep their dream so buried they can't remember they ever had a dream.

Everyone has a dream! And everyone is destined to fulfill that purpose. Why wait?

It is difficult to pursue your dreams without asking yourself some tough questions. The end of the year can be a time where many people reflect on their life and think about what they want for next year. Whether you’re looking to start a business or find happiness in love, these six questions will help guide you as you take those first steps into the new future that awaits you. If this sounds like something you might need, join our 21 Day Personal Growth Challenge starting as soon as you click on the link! We promise it won't disappoint.


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