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8 Ways to Improve Your Fitness Health

Well isn’t that on everyone’s agenda? Who doesn’t want to improve their fitness health! Now how does one even know where to begin? Look at our top 8 ways to do this!

1.Take a day off from exercising once in a while- You cannot overexert yourself. All goals take time. By not resting you are putting your body at risk of getting hurt. When you go too long without a break your muscles and joints are overused leaving you vulnerable to injury.

2. Listen to your body- Don’t keep going when something feels off or you’re in pain. There is a difference between pushing yourself to go a little further and derailing your progress. Ex. If your number is 16 pushups in a set and you get to 15 and you just don’t want to do the 16th just because... but you end up doing it, that’s pushing yourself. If you get to your 13th pushup and you feel a pop but decide to keep going, then you are a derailer!

3. Eat a varied diet- Broccoli and chicken breast not your thing? Switch it up! Basically, find what works for you based on your body goals, culture and YOUR taste buds not what society dictates. Vary your diet in a way which you can keep up with. Doing anything else is a recipe for failure because you won’t want to do it and will eventually stop. You want something that is sustainable.

4. Stretch More- During exercise, your muscles get shorter. Before you work out, warm up. After you exercise, stretch. Stretching will support joint range of motion and help to lower any risk of injuring yourself. If that wasn’t impressive enough – stretching increases flexibility and allows fresh blood flow to your muscles. Heck when I am 90 I still want to be able to touch my toes!

5. Stay hydrated- water and or- electrolytes. When you exercise, you lose minerals. You want to replace them. It’s also a way to cleanse your body. Most importantly your body is composed of approximately 60% water (this can vary with babies having the highest percent of water composition). It is important that we replenish our water to keep our bodies at their peak performance.

6. Exercise with people- You have decided to meet up with a friend to work out, how likely are you to cancel? Less likely than if you had made a date with yourself to workout! Take this time to (1) socialize, making the workout go by so much faster and (2) provides motivation to your friend and them for you. You can attend group workouts and meet someone new and push yourself to do exercises that you wouldn’t normally do because you have a support system.

7. Don’t be too competitive- only compete against your last performance. STAY IN YOUR LANE! Don’t try to do something that you know you can’t do just to impress others. Or prove that you can do more than others. You can aspire to be like other people just don’t treat it like a competition.

8. Most importantly HAVE FUN! - Your health and fitness will improve while you’re having fun. If you have fun, you’ll most likely stick with it. Of course you have to challenge yourself sometimes, based on your goals but it doesn’t have to become a mundane chore! Remember to take time out to enjoy what you are doing!

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