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10 Principles of Physical Fitness – Part 1

Everything can be broken down into its basic building blocks so that we can build a strong foundation. Over the next two weeks, we will be breaking down the 10 principles of physical fitness so that we can truly understand what we are setting out to accomplish every time we increase our heart rate or add another rep to our bicep curl. You will notice that they are in this order for a reason. Each requiring the principle that precedes it. If you attempt to skip to the 5th principle without successfully acquiring 1-4 you won’t get the results you desire.

  1. Cardiovascular/Respiratory Endurance: Breathe in oxygen, breathe out carbon dioxide. Sounds simple enough right? Well as time goes by muscles aren’t as strong as they used to, breathing can become a little difficult when doing the simplest of tasks. So how can we make this right? By increasing our cardiovascular/respiratory endurance. When we focus on our heart and lung health we supporting our ability to increase oxygen delivery to all of our organs. Our body will be able to pump oxygenated blood more efficiently and our lungs will be able to hold more air and regulate our breathing while performing physical activities.

  2. Stamina: So now what? Your cardiovascular/respiratory endurance has increased, what to do with it! Well now that you have strengthened your heart and lungs you can go a little longer each time in your physical activities. Unpacking after a move? Would you usually stop to rest after a few steps while carrying that heavy box? Well, with increased stamina you might even be able to make it in one shot. Efficiency at its best! Training for a 10K run? With a stronger heart and set of lungs you will be strides closer to that finish line with less time taken to walk.

  3. Strength: Now that you can go a little further with that heavy box, you might be able to add a little more weight when at the gym. Your muscles are able to produce greater force when moving a weight than they were before you worked on your muscle endurance. You will experience more control when lifting and lowering a weight and the ability to perform more sets or long rep counts.

  4. Flexibility: Performing a weighted squat and want a challenge? Now we can work on ass to grass squats which require a greater range of motion or in layman terms more flexibility. Increased your ability to hold different stretches? Now you can push yourself a little further and increase your flexibility. Strength allows you to control your movement as you lean deeper into a stretch, stamina allows you to hold it longer and increased cardiovascular/respiratory endurance allows you to deliver oxygen to the muscle being stretched and control your breathing so that you can relax.

  5. Power: Being able to lift at maximal effort for a short period of time requires great strength, stamina and endurance. No one became a great power-lifter without having to work on those 3 important principles of physical fitness.

Tune in next week to learn the last 5 principles of physical fitness. Remember jumping rope can help with all of these! Subscribe to the website to learn more.

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Team Make It Fun NYC

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