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Jumping Rope is Underrated

Jump rope – Underrated much?

It seems that it is common for people to think that jump rope isn’t “all that”. If you have been reading our posts for a while, you know we have talked about the stereotypical jump ropers – boxers and children in the playground. Why can’t jump rope evolve past this and become something more in fitness? We hear repeatedly that it is just as effective as jogging for 30 minutes – when performed for 10 minutes. So why do we still feel like we must work so hard to get people to see its benefits? We get that it is has physical benefits – check out some of our previous posts on upper body and lower body benefits, but we haven’t talked in depth about the mental workout you get from it.

We would never, off the top of our head, think to associate brain function with jump rope. However, jumping rope has a positive effect on cognitive function more so than being on a treadmill or stationary bike. It can also improve your mood!

Jumping rope makes you smarter! According to the Jump Rope Institute, jumping encourages development in the left and right hemispheres of your brain. This means it not only aids in improving your creativity but supports improved reading skills, enhances memory and increases your levels of alertness.

As a writer, this is huge! How can I keep bringing you amazing content unless I jump rope!!!

Let’s give jumping rope the credit, and then some, that it deserves!

I encourage everyone to check out our videos on YouTube and immerse yourself in jump rope knowledge! You only have weight to lose and enhanced mental awareness to gain.


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