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Prioritizing Your Fitness As A Busy Mom

Do you prioritize your life as a busy working mom over your fitness goals?

Do you put everyone and everything ahead of your own needs, and you end up feeling lost with your own health goals?

If this is you, you most likely need a scheduled appointment for anything to get accomplished.

Trust me, I get it. I work with people, just like you!

It's hard for you to prioritize yourself. You have great intentions, but your goals always get pushed to the side.

Let me be that accountability for you so that your goals can finally get some momentum.

This is why I created the Make It Fun Virtual jump rope and coaching studio.

Not only do I want to share workouts with you, I want to provide accountability, check in with you and provide support as needed.

With all of the FREE information on Google, youtube, Facebook, instagram, etc...... you would have already reached your goals. These sites can't talk to you and support you through your process. They can only give you information.

One thing that you can do right now to work toward your goal is to take out your calendar, schedule at least one workout and stick to it. Let me know in the comments when you accomplished this task.

Also be sure to check out our Virtual Jump Rope Membership and Coaching Program.

11/2019 vs. 11/2020

Thank you for reading

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