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How To Find The Energy To Workout When You're Tired

We all have bad days, mood swings, times when even the the tallest coffee and the best attempt to rally can’t seem to kick that feeling of exhaustion. If you are sick it’s definitely important to rest, but usually we know in our hearts when we’re lying to ourselves to get out of hitting the gym. The good news is that we’ve outlined the top ways to find the energy to workout when you’re tired. Nine times out of ten, you’ll feel a little better as soon as you get started and a whole lot better once you’re finished.

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Eat and drink enough

Let’s address the second half of that statement upfront. Hydration is absolutely key, not only for performance, but for motivation. Dehydration feels awful and could be one of the main reasons you’re struggling to get going.

Now, onto the part about food! Regardless of your body type, it’s better to eat the majority of your calories earlier in the day, rather than later. The reason is that you shouldn’t go to bed with a super full stomach. With that in mind, plan to eat a breakfast and/or lunch that will work to sustain your body through your workout later in the day.

If you are someone who works out in the morning, have just enough food to give you a bit of energy, like a banana or a protein bar. It’s okay to have a little coffee too, if you need it.

Take a B Vitamin or a natural supplement

B vitamins are important for energy production and support brain, blood, and nerve health. In addition to vitamins, we’re also big fans of natural supplements. One of our favorites is The Go Pill, formulated to increase focus and intensify interval training. Thanks to all-natural, clean ingredients like electrolytes, taurine, pyruvic acid, ginkgo leaf extract, caffeine anhydrous and more, you’ll feel alert and ready to get sweaty.

Go to the gym right after work

Do NOT go home first. Home is where your couch, pajamas, and adorable cats live. They do not want you to go to the gym, and if you go home before working out, you may find yourself beholden to the desires of your most valuable possessions.

Even if you don’t immediately change out of professional attire into a fleece robe and slippers, you may find yourself doing other things as an excuse to avoid the treadmill. A little something known as the Zeigarnik Effect explains why we procrastinate in the name of accomplishing small, less important tasks. Ever stay up until midnight reorganizing your kitchen utensil drawer when you should be packing for a 6am flight? Yep, that’s the Zeigarnik Effect doin’ it’s thang. Don’t let it happen to you.

Find something to motivate you

Make sure this goal of yours is for you - no one else. Maybe you want to lose your baby weight, whether it’s the first few pounds or the last. Or, maybe you’re trying to achieve a new 5k PR. We all have different goals, and one of the best ways to motivate when you’re tired is to remember why it is you decided to stick to an exercise plan in the first place. Of all the ways to get energized before a workout, this would probably be our number one recommendation: think hard about how good it will feel to check off another milestone on your journey.


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