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5 reasons every woman over 40 need to start walking- no excuses

Walking is one of the simplest and common forms of exercise that any woman over 40 can start doing today. The benefits are numerous, but not many women know how walking can be advantageous for their health.

If you are in your 40s, maybe this article will inspire you to take up a safe and effective form of daily exercise like walking.

It's no secret that being overweight or obese has serious consequences. You can do your part by adopting a healthy lifestyle, which includes regular exercise and consuming an energy-reduced diet.

If you have been putting off starting an exercise program because of busy work schedules or lack of time, here are some great reasons why you should pick up the walking habit:

1. Walking the easiest way to start an exercise routine

According to a study published in Obesity Research, walking three times a week for just 25 minutes each day can greatly improve your cardiovascular health and lower your risk of obesity and other serious conditions like heart attack or stroke.

In fact, taking a walk has been found to be as effective as jogging when it comes to improving your health. Furthermore, starting slow and taking baby steps is the best way to do it.

2. You can do it anywhere, anytime

There are no special requirements or conditions that you need to meet before you start walking regularly at home, school, office or even while waiting for your bus or train. You can do it any time of the day, depending on what suits you best.

Just be sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, since you will perspire while walking. It's also advisable to carry tissues with you so that you can wipe away sweat if need be.

3. It can help prevent or manage conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis.

There are many studies that have shown walking to be beneficial for people suffering from these health conditions. For example, a research conducted by the University of Massachusetts Medical School revealed that walking 10 min/day can improve your insulin sensitivity significantly, which is important in preventing or controlling diabetes.

The same study also found that walking reduces the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure.

Other studies support the fact that walking can be quite helpful in relieving arthritis-associated pain and improving your mobility.

4. You'll feel more confident

If you're working on losing weight, start by increasing your daily physical activity level to burn calories and lose weight faster. Walking is the safest, easiest and cheapest way to go about it.

5. It will boost your mood, reduce stress levels and improve sleep quality

If you are stressed out or having problems sleeping at night, consider taking a walk around your neighborhood in the evening as this can help reduce your anxiety level significantly.

It will also help you sleep better at night and prevent sleeplessness, which a lot of women over 40 suffer from.

There is really no reason for women in their 40s not to start walking. You can do it anywhere and anytime, without the need for special equipment or training.

Walking can be an effective form of exercise for your heart, blood pressure levels, weight loss goals and mood. It can also help you manage or prevent certain medical conditions like diabetes and arthritis.

You only need to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, carry tissues with you if needed, and listen to your body. Start slow by walking for 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week, and build up to 30 min/day.

There are plenty of benefits to walking, so get started today!

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