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New Year Check In: Where Are You With Your New Year Goals?


We’ve just made it through the first month of January and are speeding into February. We wanted to check in with our readers and see how you all are doing thus far in the new year.

Some people like to make new year’s resolutions. For others, it’s just not their style. Whatever your approach may be, we hope that the new year brings a feeling of renewal and refreshment and is accompanied with new hopes and dreams.

For those of you who have made resolutions, how’s it going so far? Are you finding it easy to stick to your goals? What is the toughest part of sticking to your new plan? How are you maintaining momentum in your daily life? These are some questions we like to ask ourselves on a regular basis.

Sometimes, reflecting on the events of the day can be useful for staying present and cognizant. Have you considered or experimented with writing in a journal? Whether you like to track your workout progress or simply reflect on your life in general, journaling can be incredibly beneficial to our health. By writing down how we felt, what we ate, how our workouts went, etc, we can look back and see what was working for us, what wasn’t, and decide how to move forward.

If you’ve fallen off the tracks a bit, don’t worry about it! After all, getting healthy and fit isn’t about where you’ve been, it’s about where you’re going. Here at Make It Fun NYC, we’ve developed a guide that can help jump-start your workout goals no matter the time of year. Our 30 Day Getting Started Guide outlines 30 days of fun and fast workouts for your entire body. Learn proper technique for jumping rope, gain agility, speed, coordination and balance, all while burning fat and achieving overall fitness. In addition to jumping rope, we incorporate boxing and body-weight exercises that you can do anywhere you like - the gym, living room, garage, backyard, etc.

Click on the photo to download

Contrary to popular belief, jumping rope is a low-impact activity that utilizes both lower body and upper body muscle groups. From your feet and your calves, to your abs, shoulders, biceps and even your hands, you’ll be jumping your way to total body fitness with our 30 Day Getting Started Guide.

We also have a private Facebook Group you are welcome to join for accountability and support, as well as community interaction. Whether you’re just getting started, getting back on the bandwagon, or are simply looking for a little more motivation, Make It Fun NYC is here to help you achieve your goals.

If you have questions, thoughts or comments, feel free to contact us. We want you to know that we love hearing from you!

Best of luck to everyone on their fitness and life journeys! We’ll check back with you all soon.

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