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Why You Just Can't Just "Lose Your Stomach"

I just want to lose my stomach. Have you been doing a ton of crunches & ab exercises, but feel like your belly fat is not going away? WHAT you eat & HOW you eat it will determine what your midsection looks like. No amount of crunches, ab exercises or cardio will give you a nice flat and defined midsection like your nutrition will.

Before you go super strict with your eating, this is what I suggest: start with removing the highly inflammable, digestive disrupting foods first. You’d be surprised at the difference you can see through your midsection by just decreasing inflammation in your gut. The top 5 foods to remove if you want a tight midsection:

- Wheat - Alcohol

- Refined sugar - Dairy - Trans fats (like deep fried foods, chips, crackers) Remove these for 30 days, and I promise your weight loss results will skyrocket, especially through the midsection.

Also, there are supplements that will help with cravings such as GC CONTROL

Ps. And lifting something heavy helps too. That's why I use weighted ropes when I can't make it to the gym

Are you a busy working mom that would like support on your weight loss journey?

Also, here is a personal transformation (august 2019 - august 2019) from my instagram page

Leave your thoughts and/or questions below :)


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