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Are you ready to join a 20 day jump rope challenge?

I seriously believe you're going to GET YOURS this year! Here's how I can help!

Is deliberately taking time for yourself to move your body on the list?

I know that this covid situation took so many of us out of our daily routines.

And even if we weren't "exercising", some of us were commuting to work, walking around in stores, ect. The point is, we were moving more.

But now-a-days we seem to me sitting AND eating more.

Well.... I have a solution: In about 10-15 minutes a day, I can help you get some movement that is both effective and fun!

And guess what, your children can move with you..... but imma have something specifically for the children soon 😉

If you're ready to stop making excuses and just go for it, leave a comment below. I'd love for your to join my upcoming JUMP & BURN challenge hosted by myself and @tikafiya

If you're ready to commit to yourself and you're ready now,

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