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How To Do The Backwards Jump

Why jumping Rope is safe for women over 40

Sometimes women need a toning and strengthening workout to keep their muscle tone in shape, but the high impact of many of these exercises is often more than they can handle. Jumping rope is an excellent alternative to these types of exercises. Women over 40 years old will benefit from switching out some or all of their current cardio workouts for jumping rope.

The high impact on the joints of jumping rope is much lower than many other forms of cardio. Combine this with its fat burning capabilities and it's a perfect workout to add to any woman's routine.

Jump rope workouts are quick, which means that you can do them at home or at work for between five and 30 minutes, depending on how much time you have. You can even try running through a series of exercises using the jump rope for five minutes as a warm-up and then follow it with lower impact cardio exercises.

Jump rope workouts are more effective than many other forms of cardio at toning the bicep muscles (I suggest weighted ropes), which is useful for women who lack upper arm strength or feel that their upper arms look too flabby. As an added bonus, jumping rope burns fat and calories even more efficiently than other cardiovascular exercises. With the calorie-burning capabilities and longevity of this type of workout, it is a great way to keep your lean muscle tone as you age.

Conclusion: Jumping rope has never been considered unsafe for any age group, but many people see it as more of an aerobic activity rather than a form of weight-bearing exercise. If you are actively using your feet and ankles to jump, this can improve your bone density because you are stressing the bones in these areas, especially the heel bone.

Running is much tougher on your joints, which can lead to injury if not managed correctly. Jump rope requires less impact, is easier on the calves and lower back then running or jogging. So why not try something that creates benefits instead of creating problems? Give it a shot!

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