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Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!

It's the second of the month and I purposefully didn't put this article out yesterday. I wanted everyone to recover from their New Year’s festivities and truly rest on a Sunday. Now some of you probably had your list of New Year’s resolutions completed before the clock struck Midnight and maybe you didn't. I challenge everyone to approach their resolutions this year differently. If your goal is to lose weight make a list of 52 things you can do to reach that goal. Can't think of 52? Then maybe do 12. Do you see where I'm going with this? If you found 52 then each week focus on ONE thing. If you found 12 then for a whole month focus on that ONE thing.

For me my first goal will be to drink half my body weight in oz when it comes to my water consumption. Breaking your resolution down into more digestible bites will help you feel accomplished and give you mini wins every week/month. Now obviously you should expect to end the year with all 52 or 12 items being a regular occurrence but don't beat yourself up if a few didn't work out. This journey is about learning what works for you so that you can become the master of your own health. A great first step for us all would be to jump rope for 10 minutes every day and when you throw in a weighted rope you would be surprised at how fast the results come in such a short time (be mindful of what you are eating as well, we all know that our food plays a HUGE part). Don't know what rope to get?

Try out the CROSSROPE rope in the link below.

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