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Jump Rope Swag – Outfit on Fleek!

Not only is having a great rope and jumping on the correct surface with proper form important but you must wear dress for the occasion. Proper attire will help avoid jump rope related injuries and ensure that you have a great workout with no hindrance. Counting rope swings while adjusting your pants is not a skill we want to acquire.

From head to toe: Head Band: Sweat in your face can interfere with your workout. You don’t want to stop jumping rope every 60 seconds to wipe sweat from your brow. A great solution? A super cool headband! Not only will your forehead stay dry but you can continue listening to your music! The headband will hold those pesky earphones in place. Neat right? The same applies for eyeglasses. Don’t worry it doesn’t have to be one of those outdated aerobics looking headbands! There are lots of modern and stylish ones on the market.

Clothing: You want clothes that are not too loose but not too tight either. If your clothes are too loose, they can get caught in the rope. You can also get tangled. You want to have free motion of your arms and legs. If your clothes are too tight it will restrict movement. You want to be comfortable and flexible. If you’re a woman: You want to wear a supportive bra for additional support. If you’re a man: You want to wear an athletic supporter or snug briefs. Sneakers: You want to wear cross trainers or aerobic sneakers. They are soft enough to absorb shock and protects the ankles and knees. Cross trainers also provide you with good forefoot support and good lateral stability. Bonus: Socks!!! Wait what??? Why socks?? Ummm…..just because they look good!! AND our jump rope queen Bernadette thinks they are magical too. So I am going to take her word for it!! Want to wear the socks that she wears? Check out this link socks

Check out the slide show below for an example of a jump rope outfit:

And just in case you have the right gear but no rope? Like some wicked insurance policy – we got you covered (as always) with our fave rope here:

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Your friendly neighborhood writer Charlotte Team Make It Fun NYC

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