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Cookie Cutter Ropes? (how to size your jump rope)

Close your eyes and picture this – well actually don’t close them but picture this! You are 6 foot 2 in a class with people of varying heights and someone hands all of you the same rope. BUT the rope reaches to your hips! How awkward would that be? Well unbeknownst to the person who gave it to you, one length does not fit all!

This is a common question for us – what is the proper jump rope length? With everything, there is a standard but ultimately, you must do what is best for you. Jump rope length can vary based on experience and your jump rope routine. Failure to properly size your rope will result in compromising your jump rope form to compensate rope size (insert video of me hunched over like a maniac before I met Bernadette!).

Our jump rope guru Bernadette has created an instructional for us and can I tell you how grateful I am for this! I get to throw away my rope that lines up with my belly button – I am not joking! Well I am but that would have been a funny visual!

There are three standard sizes for your jump rope

1. Tip of shoulders- ideal for someone that is just starting to jump

2. Armpit- ideal for someone that has jump rope experience and just want to get a good workout or practicing tricks

3. Chest- ideal for someone that want to jump for speed or double under consistency.

The shorter the rope, the quicker the rope cuts through the air.

The longer the rope, the slower you will jump. And you may even stick your arms out, thus shortening the length of your rope and compromising your form.

To Size your rope:

1. Stand on the middle of the rope with one foot.

2. Pull the handles straight up making sure the rope is straight.

3. For beginners, the top of the handles should reach close to the shoulder.

4. For experienced jumpers, the top of the handles should reach the armpit or below.

5. For double unders, the top of the handles should reach the nipple line.

6. If the handles extend beyond your shoulders, you should shorten your rope.

7. You can shorten many ropes by tying a knot below the handles.

8. It’s better to get a rope that’s too long rather than too short.

Sizing Your Rope (video)

If you want to watch live tutorials and ask questions, checkout our private FB group every Wednesday

Still looking for a rope? We think this one is the best out there! Jump Rope

Happy Jumping!

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