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The Donut Diet

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Everyone loves a donut.

But donuts don’t love you, that’s for sure.

And they don’t care about your health!

They’re full of fat, full of sugar and you’ll probably get more nourishment from sucking on a rock for 5 minutes.

Yet you can actually lose weight on a donut diet (I’m serious)!

Let me explain.

Say the average guy needs 2000 calories a day just to live.

And his favorite donut has 200 calories.

Well- in theory- this guy could eat 10 donuts per day then the calories into his body equals the calories leaving it.

Put Simply, the energy in equals the energy out.

And in theory this guy won’t put on or lose any weight.

He can eat his donuts and be happy (for now).

Now if he dropped down to eating just 8 or 9 donuts per day, he’ll be a calorie deficit. His calorie expenditure will be greater than his calorie intake.

Which is exactly where you want to be if you’re going to lose weight and want to drop a few pounds (fact).

Unfortunately, his body won’t be thanking him.

Without going into the science of it all his body will suffer a miserable existence and I doubt he’ll be living a long, healthy life either.

So here’s what you can learn about the donut diet.

There are plenty of faddy diets that let you eat crap and lose several pounds, drop a dress size or maybe even get a six-pack.

But they suck.

At least if you care about your health.

These foods have spectacular low nutrients bearing in mind the calories they contain.

They’re empty calories.

There is nothing good in them.

They don’t make you feel full.

They don’t nourish your body.

You won’t feel good.

And you can say goodbye to your health.

This is the important bit….

Food might taste nice but start to think about what it’s doing to your body.

Sure you can have a cheat meal.

You can treat yourself and have ice-cream now and then.

Yes, enjoy your food.

But make sure you’re eating food with nutrients.

Food that fuel your body and provide the building blocks for health.

When you’re eating food- or you’re out for a meal- opt for the food that are higher in nutrients.

The best foods are typically high in nutrients and low in calories.

Donuts are low in nutrients and high in calories.

Keep away from the donut, twinkie and lemonade diets.

Nothing but empty calorie diets do nothing for you.

As the late Jim Rohn said…

“Look after your body; it’s the only place you have to live!”

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