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5 ways to give yourself a fresh start as a woman over 40

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Do you feel stuck? Are your relationships falling apart around you? Are you feeling like there is no hope for the future? It's time to get a fresh start and find out how it feels to be alive again! I've compiled 5 tips that will help any woman over 40 get her life back on track.

1. Get rid of toxic relationships

You might think that your friends and family will be there for you when starting over after 40, but imagine how it feels if they don't support the changes in lifestyle? It's tough enough going through this process by yourself. You need people around who can encourage positive growth - not bring negativity with them like some sort of virus infecting every facet of life! So first off: get rid those negative influences like toxic relationships where no one is willing to grow as an individual because their comfort zone has been challenged; then move on from anyone else until you find new allies who share similar goals but different perspectives on what success looks like (and avoid putting all eggs into one basket).

2. Focus on your mental wellness

You are going to focus mental energy on moving forward with clarity and purpose by keeping your mind busy in a productive way. You won't give it any time or attention for negative thoughts, so they can’t ruin what you have built! The more we think positively about ourselves-the happier our lives will be as well--isn't this something worth working towards?

A positive mindset helps us live better all around: mentally, emotionally…and physically too if there's such thing as good health through thought :-)

3. Learn to say no without guilt or shame

You're going to learn how not be a doormat this year. You'll cross things off your daily list and feel good about it! Mental clarity will help you make decisions for the best wellness possible, so stay focused on what's important in life instead of letting other people walk all over us...again :)

4. Stop comparing yourself to others

I would never compare myself to someone who is much younger than me. We all have our own journeys and I need to stay focused on the present moment, instead of worrying about where other people start their journey from or what happened in their life before now. Your mental energy should be solely dedicated for helping guide your steps as they take us both forward into this world together.

I know it's hard not comparing yourself--but don’t let those comparisons distract you from seeing your experiences positively! You are capable enough for anything if only given an opportunity; there really isn't any point fussing over what might've been because everything changes anyway – including relationships/jobs etcetera

5. Take care of yourself first

You are going to take care of yourself and your needs first. You will keep a positive attitude throughout this year so that you can feel younger, healthier naturally as it goes by! Make sure the energy is always there for what matters most in life- following these steps from beginning until end offers us all an opportunity at living our best lives today too.


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