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Jump Rope 101

For many years, people mainly associated jump rope with school children having fun at recess or athletes. However, the benefits that come with jump rope has changed the mind of many people and now your social media is flooded with people doing double-unders, skipping tricks or just some good old cardio.

Give it a try today.

Here is a basic jump rope routine that you can try until you get the hang of it.

Attached is the the video of the basic form.

I challenge you to do 100 jumps per day for 5 days.

If you can not complete 100 in one set, break it into sets:

10 sets of 10

4 sets of 25

2 sets of 50.

The goal is to complete 100 jumps straight.

Invite a friend to try this with you and let me know about your experience in the comments.

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