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Learn How To Jump Rope

Did you know that jump rope is one of the most underrated exercises? I mean until recently it was always associated with recess or Rocky! I have news for you! Not only does it have physical benefits but mental and emotional benefits. Not to mention it is not as easy as it looks and it requires you to use your whole body giving you great upper and lower fitness gains!

Well here is a quick overview of some jump rope facts and some great information for those of us who want to get to the basics!

10 minutes of jump rope is equivalent to a 30-minute jog on the treadmill at 6.5 mph. You do not have to jump straight for the whole 10 minutes but there are techniques that you can do to increase the intensity of your workout. Try switching up your footwork, travelling forwards, backwards and side to side.

When you are just starting your jump rope routine, you want to ensure that you give yourself time. You need to have a method and adopt a safe approach or else reaping benefits will not be in your future.

Learn the basics before moving on to advanced techniques. Just like any new workout, you may be sore. You do not want to do too much too soon.

When starting your routine, you want to count your jumps. I like that method because it gives you something to work up to. Jumping for time may bore you and make jumping rope feel like a chore! The numbers hold you accountable and gives you something to work towards. When you have that number goal in mind, you pay attention to your rhythm, timing and coordination.

Check out the video below: How to jump rope (basic form)

So here is a basic workout for you (at least 5 days a week):

Week 1: 1 set of 100 jumps

Week 2: 2 sets of 100 jumps with a 30 second rest in between each set

Week 3: 3 sets of 100 jumps with a 30 second rest between each set

Week 4: 4 sets of 100 jumps with a 30 second rest between each set

Once you can accomplish this 4 week workout, you can advance to more of the fancier techniques.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you start your workouts:

Be sure to stretch before and after your jump rope session. You want to stretch your whole body but your legs are very important as they take the most impact. Failure to stretch your calves can cause knee pain.

Make sure you jump on your toes. You do not want to jump on your whole foot.

Only jump high enough to clear the rope. Anything more can create a lot of shock on your foot and ankles.

Land softly and keep a light bend in your knees.

Any Questions? Please be sure to leave a comment :)


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