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How To Avoid Jump Rope Injury

In an ideal world we would have warnings of possible mistakes attached to everything we try. Well in honesty avoiding these mistakes will work in your favor. You will avoid injury and develop a love for jump rope!

1. Do not jump with a rope that is too long or too short: The rope needs to come to your shoulders, armpits or chest level. When jumping with a rope that is too long, you will compromise your form to compensate for the length of the rope. Doing this will put a strain on your body doing more harm than good and you will not get an effective workout because your arms with be too tired. JUMP ROPES 2. Jumping too high or landing incorrectly: A jump rope is not a huge object. It is a thin piece of material. There is no need to jump over it as if clearing a fence. You only need to jump high enough to clear the rope. When you land, aim to land on your toes not your heel or flat foot. When you land on your toes your whole leg works together to shift the weight and you are supported by your torso your back and your core. 3. Jumping on hard surfaces: Jumping on concrete is No Bueno (good). Stick to wooden floors or track turf. These surfaces absorb shock and have some give to them. If concrete is all you have then make sure to wear cross trainers or any shoe that can act as a shock absorber. JUMP ROPE MAT


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