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Why Jump Rope?

Why on earth would I jump rope?

I am not a child occupying themselves on the school playground and I am not an undefeated lightweight boxing champion. So why should I jump rope?

For many years, people mainly associated jump rope with school children having fun at recess or athletes. However, the benefits that come with jump rope has changed the mind of many people and now your social media is flooded with people doing double-unders, skipping tricks or just some good old cardio.


So why is jumping rope all the craze now? Well a little birdie told me that you can burn approximately 700-1000 calories per hour from jumping rope ALONE. Who in their right mind can jump rope for an hour right? That’s what I asked myself. Well the answer to that is anyone! Focusing on adjusting your pace, switching up your technique and putting on some music can help you reach that 60-minute finish line. I would recommend starting with 10 minutes and building your cardiovascular strength and as the weeks go by add 5 minutes. Did you know that jumping rope strengthens your heart with the same intensity as running? Want to strengthen other muscle groups? We got you covered – it will firm up your calves, tone your shoulders and arms and if using a weighted rope like this one you can see these results a lot faster.

Now Rome was not built in a day and so your body won’t be either. With consistency, you can reap the benefits of more stamina, agility, better posture and balance and quicker reflexes. Not to mention better overall coordination (might not help you pat your head while rubbing your stomach in a circular motion but a girl can dream)

I have brought this precious gem with me everywhere – work trips, personal travels and my favorite go to when its cold out and going to the gym is out of the question.

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