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5 Reasons To Circuit Train

Circuit training is probably one of my favorite ways to work out as it keeps my mind focused on the time allocated to each workout and the order of the workouts. All while fighting away the boredom I feel when faced with a mundane workout routine. Circuit training is a form of interval training and the best way is to alternate cardio workouts with strength training to get a high calorie workout.

  1. A great tool for weight loss, muscle gain and increasing your strength: the purpose of the circuit is to increase cardio output with little rest between set. By giving your body little rest you are forcing it to get stronger and burn more calories post workout (think same benefits of HIIT)

  2. Great way to get a full body workout: don’t have time to split muscle groups for weight training over the week? You can create a circuit that will target multiple muscle groups and make the cardio exercises mirror the chosen muscles for the purpose of fatigue.

  3. Cardiovascular health: Consistent circuit training can improve your respiratory system. You will feel less stress when performing the same exercise over time and experience improvement ins patterns of breathing. You will even find that the next time you attempt the circuit you will be able to go a few more rounds without getting exhausted.

  4. Saves time: Something we don’t all have a lot of sometimes. Being able to get in an effective workout in 20 minutes may seem too good to be true but remember it is quality not quantity. Give it all you have for that time period and you will reap the benefits of less time great results.

  5. Low impact still packs a punch: Performing more compound movements that work larger muscle groups can compensate for a low intensity workout. Think lunges, squats and deadlifts that use more than one muscle group requiring the body to work harder. No need to jump around all the time, save the pressure on your joints.

Check out this workout:

1 set of 100 jumps

1 set of 20 double unders

1 set of 10 push ups

1 set of 10 air squats

1 set of 20 crunches

Repeat at least 3 times.

For extra credit, use weighted ropes for the sets of 100 and increase the weight of the rope during each set.



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